Will Speaker Boehner Be Re-Elected?

A Political Jungle investigation into the 2010 Speaker election, shows that of the eighteen Democrats who voted either present or against Pelosi, only half, or nine, remain. Two hundred eighteen votes, or half plus one, is needed to be elected Speaker. Republicans will begin the Congress with two hundred thirty-three Representatives, which means they have wiggle room of fifteen members. If Democrats can get all of their members to vote for Leader Nancy Pelosi, and sixteen Republicans to vote against Boehner, we could be looking at a historic first of the Speaker coming from the minority party. However, it would require quite a bit of political capital on the Democrats’ part. The Political Jungle investigation also showed that Nancy Pelosi’s trouble came from the Blue Dog Caucus, a group of moderate to conservative Democrats. However, the caucus has been weakened through the elections, and Leader Pelosi could be helped by that. Although it is not likely, sixteen Republicans voting against Boehner is still a possibility. Although, they would would most likely vote for Speaker Boehner to avoid another Speaker Pelosi.

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