WikiLeaks Releases Thousands of DNC Emails

WikiLeaks, the group known for releasing thousands of otherwise confidential diplomatic cables, released thousands of emails from seven email accounts belonging to¬†employees of the Democratic National Committee. The seven people who had their emails released are¬†Communications Director Luis Miranda, National Finance Director Jordon Kaplan, Finanace Director of Data & Strategic […]

Sanders Campaign Reprimanded for Improperly Accessing Data

  Senator Bernie Sanders’s campaign has been suspended from accessing the Democratic National Committee’s voter data. This is after a staffer with the Sanders campaign improperly accessed voter data belonging to the Sanders campaign. The DNC maintains a master list of voters and their information and then allows candidates to […]

DNC Announces Debate Schedule, O’Malley and Left Attack Smaller Number

The Democratic National Commitee announced its debate schedule for the 2016 nomination process. The party will hold six sanctioned debates and they will be monthly, starting in October. The first debate in October will be on CNN and take place in Nevada. The Democrats are holding six debates, compared to […]