Chaos at Democratic National Convention

There was a little bit of controversy and chaos at day two of the Democratic National Convention. The Democrats moved to add the word “God” and announce their support for the Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. However, President Obama was unhappy with this and got personally involved to have the platform changed. Paul Ryan had been attacking the platform for those reasons, and Democrats aimed to end the controversy over the subject by changing the platform. However, not everybody agreed with this. Almost everybody agreed to suspend the rules to allow the changing of the platform. But, when it came to the changes, that’s where the fighting was. Convention chair Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa moved to have the changes approved, but they had to be by a two-thirds vote. It took three votes for the amendment to pass, but some doubt that it truly did. Many say that if the ayes did have it, it was by a very simple majority. The changes had many people get emotional, and yelling to not change. Mayor Villaraigosa began looking nervous after the first time, and after the second vote it started looking around for help. Finally, after the third vote Mayor Villaraigosa, said that in his opinion, the opinion of the chair, the ayes had it. The opinion of the chair statement is often used in rowdy acclamation votes to quiet protesters because the opinion of the chair can truly be what the chair wants it to be. Convention insiders have been saying that the plan was acclamation.

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