GOP to NBC: You’re (Officially) Fired

The Republican National Committee announced on Monday that NBC News had officially been cut as the broadcast partner for the February debate. The debate is days before Super Tuesday on March 1. Instead of NBC, the RNC has awarded CNN the debate. CNN has held two of the prior debates, […]

Fox Business Debate Garners 13.5 Million Viewers

As pundits weigh the winners and losers of Tuesday’s Republican debate. Host Fox Business Network was certainly one of the winners. The moderators– FBN’s Maria Bartiromo, Neil Cavuto, and the Wall Street Journal’s Gerald Baker– were all praised for their questioning of the candidates. Now, the network has found a […]

RNC Suspends NBC Debate After CNBC Republican Debate

Following the widely criticized CNBC debate, the Republican National Committee has decided to suspend their debate relationship with NBC News. NBC News had been scheduled to host a Republican debate in February, but now the RNC says they will move forward on the debate without NBC News and Telemundo. RNC […]

During Debate, Republicans Turn the Table on Media

The CNBC moderators’ questions on Wednesday were designed to provoke debate between the candidates. Instead, the candidates turned on the moderator and the media, accusing them of an anti-Republican bias. CNBC’s moderators invited early criticism with questions that attacked the candidates, rather than focus on the substance. Donald Trump’s campaign […]