Andy Lack Returns to NBC Universal

NBC Universal CEO Steve Burke announced in a staff memo this morning that Andy Lack is returning to the company after over a decade away. This news has been expected, especially after Lack resigned as CEO and Director of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, a federal oversight group. Lack was […]

RNC Announces Up to 12 Sanctioned Debates

The Republican National Committee has announced a new, sanctioned debate schedule that will have at least nine debates and twelve debates at most. There will be one debate each month until February 2016. The debates will begin later this year, in August. Both Fox News and CNN will get at […]

Five Years Since the Tea Party Rant

Yesterday marked five years since Rick Santelli went on CNBC and delivered a blistering rant against the then-current political landscape in dealing with the Great Recession. Glenn Beck has even credited Santelli with starting the Tea Party Movement. Several members of Congress today associate with the Tea Party. Santelli spoke […]