Justice Allows Same-Sex Marriages to Continue


Justice Anthony Kennedy has denied a request to put back a stay on same-sex marriages in California. This is the latest development in the Hollingsworth v. Perry case that the Supreme Court decided this week. In that case, which regarded California’s Proposition 8, the Court found that the defenders of the proposition did not have the legal standing to defend the case and went to the lower court’s decision, which had thrown out the proposition. Later that week, the Ninth District Court of Appeals, based off the Supreme Court’s decision, lifted its stay on same-sex marriages, allowing them to resume. However, proponents of Prop 8 filed a request with the Supreme Court asking them to delay the lifting of the stay. Their reasoning was that the Supreme Court had not made the ruling official. After the Supreme Court announces their ruling, it takes twenty-five days for the ruling to take effect. Sometimes, the Court does shorten the amount of time it takes, such as cases dealing with life. But in this case, Justice Kennedy, who handles matters regarding the Ninth District for the Court, has dismissed the request. With the dismissal, same-sex marriages can continue in California.

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