TKNN Reports for September 29, 2012

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Now, we begin with the attack on the American consulate in Libya. The State Department is now calling the incident a preplanned terrorist incident. Due to this, Rep. Steve King is calling for Ambassador Susan Rice’s resignation. Susan Rice is the Ambassador to the United Nations, and the Rep. Steve King is the chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security. Chairman King is angry that Ambassador Rice went on the five Sunday shows and said that the attack was incidental and caused by the anti-Islamic film. Ambassador Rice did say that they had that assessment based on the information available to them.

Mitt Romney spoke recently at a fundraiser in Philadelphia. There, he spoke about his chances of winning Pennsylvania. He said that a win in the state would shock many people, and be a surprising defeat for the President. He also said that he does think he can win the state that most rate as lean-Obama. The Romney campaign has not been spending money in the state, leading some to believe that they have ceded the state. Most polls do show President Obama ahead by about ten points. If Mitt Romney is planning an eleventh-hourth attempt, he may want to talk to Sen. John McCain.

Todd Akin is unlikely to get any help from the National Republican Senatorial Campaign, says Sen. John Cornyn. The Senator chairs the NRSC, and said the Missouri Senate race is unwinnable. Tuesday was the deadline for Todd Akin to leave, allowing Claire McCaskill to use his “legitimate rape” comment against him. However, Senator Jim DeMint has endorsed Rep. Akin, and the Senator’s PAC has promised assistance.

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