Twenty Twelve for September 30, 2012

Hello, and welcome to Twenty Twelve. Now today the debates are in full focus as Mitt Romney and President Obama face-off for the first time on Wednesday.

On the Sunday talk shows, the debates were a frequent topic. Of course, there was also talk about expectations as both campaigns try to lower theirs. Sen. John McCain said the debates would go down in history. He said that the ratings for the first debate will be one for the books, and both candidates will be excellent. Sen. John McCain is the only person that can boast debating Mitt Romney and then-Senator Barack Obama.
Governor Chris Christie also spoke about the debate expectations. However, instead of lowering them, he said that the debates will turn the race “upside down.” Governor Christie said he is happy Mitt Romney will be in a place where his answers won’t be “spun” or “filtered.” When asked about any 2016 aspirations, he shot them down saying that Mitt Romney will win.
Mitt Romney spoke recently at a fundraiser in Philadelphia. There, he spoke about his chances of winning Pennsylvania. He said that a win in the state would shock many people, and be a surprising defeat for the President. He also said that he does think he can win the state that most rate as lean-Obama. The Romney campaign has not been spending money in the state, leading some to believe that they have ceded the state. Most polls do show President Obama ahead by about ten points. If Mitt Romney is planning an eleventh-hourth attempt, he may want to talk to Sen. John McCain.
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