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Hello, I’m Tyler, and you’re in the Political Jungle. But I’m Heather and this is TKNN Reports. So welcome to a special merged edition of both TKNN Reports and Political Jungle.
Okay, well we begin with our TKNN Reports electoral score keeper.
Two days ago the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is constitutional. Now Republicans are pushing for the full repeal. Democrats are ecstatic about the ruling, and both sides are using it for fundraising. Democrats are highlighting their shirt that says Health reform is a BFD, while Republicans are claiming its a big taxing deal. They are referencing the Court’s opinion that the individual mandate is a tax and is legal under Congress’s taxing powers, not the Commerce Clause.
Now the day was going so good for President Obama, but it stopped, somewhat. The House of Representatives held Attorney General Eric Holder in criminal and civil contempt of Congress. This was over the failed Fast and Furious gun tracking problem. Most Democrats ended walking out in protest of the vote. This is the first an Attorney General has been successfully held in contempt. Any court action will most likely go nowhere, making it largely symbolic.
Now we turn to New York, as Rep. Charlie Rangel is still facing his primary challenge, days after the primary. The votes aren’t completely in, and Rep. Rangel’s lead is decreasing. There is now only 802 votes separating him from his main challenger, state Sen. Adriano Espaillat.
Okay well when we return, Head Scratcher.
Well, yes many people are fans of Amazon, and some are fans of Amazon’s tablet, the Kindle Fire. But, the Fire is not as popular as the iPad, so what do they do? They advertise, perfectly normal. It includes several taglines, including light your fire and fuel your fire. However what I take issue with is another taglines, play with fire. You do not play with fire, you spend years telling your children that. Only, Amazon comes on and contradicts you. Well, hen something catches on fire and they blame Amazon, guess who won’t be head scratching.
Well that wraps up this TKNN Reports-Political Jungle combo show. Thank you and join us on our separate shows next week.

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