TKNN Tonight for March 30, 2013

Hello, I’m Tyler and welcome to the TKNN Tonight. Today, the Supreme Showdown and inside Sarah PAC. This is TKNN Tonight!

Welcome back to TKNN Tonight. We begin with Ashley Judd, who, at least for this cycle, will not be running for the Senate. Actress Ashley Judd announced on Wednesday that she will not run for the Senate in Kentucky, in a would-be face-off against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in 2014. Many Democrats see McConnell as vulnerable, just needing a tough challenger in order to knock him off. Even though polls have shown a close race, Ashley Judd will not be running, as she announced on Twitter. According to the Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman, she was ninety-five percent in, but recently had began going back and forth.

Next on TKNN, SarahPAC. According to a report by CNN and Daily Beast contributor John Avlon, FEC filings show a majority of the group’s money goes to consultants. Which one would think is normal for a political group. However aside from recent ad that we’ll get to later, that is pretty much all they’re doing. This has infuriated many conservatives who feel betrayed by the self-proclaimed mama grizzly. One Twitter user has even compared this to fraud.

Now we’re going to move on to the advertisement we brought up before. The main point of the ad was to say, I’m Sarah Palin and you better remember me. The group might have good reason to give the remainder. Ever since the 2010 midterm elections you have been hearing less and less of the former governor, especially since she has left FOX News. Also, in the 2012 elections many of her candidates ended up not winning, such as Richard Mourdock, Mia Love, and Allen West. We should not that we had to do no digging in order to get this, the losing candidates are still on her website. But, SarahPAC did endorse some winning candidates, such as now-Senator Ted Cruz. One final note on the ad, SarahPAC seems to credit Sarah Palin for the proclaimed Republican savior, Marco Rubio. But it is important to note that Rubio rarely associated himself with Palin during his election.

We continue now with the Supreme Showdown. This week the Supreme Court held hearings on same-sex marriage for the first time. There were two cases being dealt with, one regarding the Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, and another dealing with California’s Proposition 8. The Court has decided to lump the two cases together, and there is reason for hope when it comes to DOMA. There are definitely at least four votes, the liberals, and usual swing vote, Justice Anthony Kennedy, has given hints he will vote against the federal law. Justice Kennedy is a very big supporter of federalism and states’ rights, and he seemed to feel that DOMA intruded on a state power.

We wrap up with Newt Gingrich. The winners of the Google Glass contest have been announced and this time, the former Speaker and presidential candidate is a winner. Newt Gingrich tweeted that if he had the glasses, he would share the animals and fossils he finds at the zoo. Now, Google Glass coming to a Republican near you.

Well, thank you for joining us on TKNN Tonight. Please join us again next week.

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