Political Jungle for September 9, 2012

Hello, and welcome to the Political Jungle. Today, we have two big stories, a little thing called the election, and then the resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus. This is Political Jungle.

We begin with the resignation of David Petraeus. David Petraeus has resigned as the Director of the CIA, citing an extramarital affair. David Petraeus, who has been director only since September of last year, offered his resignation to President Obama yesterday. The 4-star general has been married for 37 years, and has been getting grilled over his role in Benghazi. Many analysts who had said that David was going to resign said it was because of Benghazi. Next week is also a Congressional hearing over Benghazi, and his role is being filled by deputy Michael Morell.

The FBI is investigating the affair, due to Petraeus’s access to confidential intelligence. This investigation is heightened because he was rumored to have the affair with his biographer.

We now continue with America’s Choice 2012: the Epilogue of the Never Ending Story.
On Tuesday, President Obama won re-election with 332 electoral votes to Mitt Romney’s 206 electoral votes. 50% of the popular vote went to President Obama, to 48% for Mitt Romney.

We now continue with the war within the GOP. The factions within the party are arguing about which group is generating the most votes and/or winning the elections. There is also arguing over whether or not they need to change policy stances in order to win crucial groups such as Latinos. For more on this watch TKNN Reports, and for complete election results watch the final Twenty Twelve on Sunday.

Of course my little joke is not true, if you look at the statement as referring to a story that never ends. In which case, there would be no epilogue. But, maybe I was referring to the movie, the Never Ending Story. Which, just from its title is fiction. It ended so much that they had a sequel.

Well, thank you for joining us today. Join Heather tomorrow for TKNN Reports, and me on Sunday for Twenty Twelve.

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