Twenty Twelve for August 12, 2012

Good evening, I’m Tyler, I am continuing TKNN’s special coverage of Mitt Romney’s veep pick. Mitt Romney has officially announced Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate. Many Americans do not know of Rep. Ryan, but have heard of the Ryan plan. As chairman of the House budget committee, Rep. Ryan is the most associated with the GOP budget plan, which Democrats claim will end Social Security and Medicare as we know it. This is Twenty Twelve, stick with us.

As with any vice presidential pick, Paul Ryan is being analyzed like crazy. What does this mean for the race? How does he help Romney? Hurt him? Will he be a net plus or overall hurt him? Now some of these questions won’t be known until November. However, one thing that we know already is that Democrats are trying to make an issue out of the Ryan plan.
Democrats are already calling Romney-Ryan, the go back team. Rep. Ryan is also from Wisconsin, which traditionally goes to Democrats, but Republicans claim they’re making ground in the state. The New York Times political statistics blog claims Rep. Ryan will give Mitt Romney two more points in Wisconsin, but President Obama still has an eighty percent chance of winning. Tyler also took a look at President Obama without Wisconsin.
CBS’s Bob Schieffer got the first interview with the ticket, interviewing them for 60 Minutes. In the interview, Rep. Paul Ryan said he provided Mitt Romney with many years of tax returns, but will only release two years, as Mitt Romney. However, Mitt Romney has actually only released one year, and an estimate. He says his 2011 returns will be released before the election.
Well, thank you for joining us on Twenty Twelve, the election’s only just getting started.

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