What Impact Will Rep. Ryan Have In Wisconsin

Vice Presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan is from Wisconsin, which traditionally goes to Democrats, but Republicans claim they’re making ground in the state. The New York Times political statistics blog claims Rep. Ryan will give Mitt Romney two more points in Wisconsin, but President Obama still has an eighty percent chance of winning. TKNN’s November 7 projection shows Wisconsin going for President Obama. TKNN’s November 7 projection shows what we believe the end result of the states will be, because on November 7, the day after the election there will be no leaning and toss-up states. In the scenario we ran, everything is the same except Wisconsin goes to Mitt Romney. We do not believe Wisconsin will end up in Mitt Romney’s column, but if it were, President Obama would still win. Instead of a 332-206 win, it would be a 322-216 win, and still for President Obama.

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Tyler is the chief media reporter for TKNN, with the news organization since its founding in November of 2010. He has previously served as chief political reporter and chief political anchor for TKNN.

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