Vice President Biden Passes on Presidential Run

“I have concluded it has closed,” said Vice President Biden. The Vice President announced today that he would not run for President in 2016, feeling that he had waiting too long and that the window of opportunity had passed.

The White House hastily threw together a press conference around noon on Wednesday. Reporters were given roughly a ten minute warning and the Vice President came out to speak in the Rose Garden. He came out with his wife, Second Lady Jill Biden, and President Obama.

Speculation had been rampant for the past few weeks and months over whether the Vice President would run for President. In the previous days, there were signs that he might mount a third presidential campaign, including subtly attacking Hillary Clinton for calling Republicans her enemies. Biden’s decision helps Clinton in her bid for the nomination as it removes a serious contender who could have competed for her supporters.

Biden’s announcement almost sounded like a presidential stump speech. He advocated for his policies and urged contenders to continue the legacy of the Obama Administration. “While I will not be a candidate, I will not be silent,” he said, pledging to be vocal as the presidential campaign heats up. He called on candidates to address income inequality and for a national commitment to cure cancer.

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