Paul Ryan Running for Speaker

capitalRep. Paul Ryan has announced that he will move forward with his Speaker run after gaining the support of three major House Republican group, the Tuesday Group, the House Freedom Caucus, and the Republican Study Committee. The House Freedom Caucus, a right-wing conservative group that has been a thorn in the side of the Republican establishment, did not endorse Ryan, which required 4/5 support, but a majority of the members did support the Ways and Means Committee Chair. Ryan had said that he would only move forward with his run if he had the support of those three groups so he could serve as a unity candidate.

Chairman Ryan announced his run in a letter to his fellow Representatives and his spokesperson, Brandon Buck, whose Twitter account has sometimes turned tongue-in-cheek during the House Republicans’ leadership ordeal, told reporters to “check your inbox.”

Ryan had announced that he was exploring a run on Tuesday. He then set to work meeting with his colleagues and the groups.

Ryan has relaxed on his previous desire to reform and restrict the motion to vacate. The motion of vacate challenges the sitting Speaker and causes another Speakership election to take place. The House Freedom Caucus would regularly threaten Speaker Boehner with the motion and it was proposed at one point, although it never came up for a vote. Ryan had discussed restricting it, but he compromised with the House Freedom Caucus and backed off that plan. Reform for the motion could come as part of a larger set of reforms for the conference and the House.

After winning support from the three groups, Ryan is expected to have support from a majority of the conference and then win the full House vote. Rep. Daniel Webster, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, told reporters that he will still run for Speaker.

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