Attorney General Eric Holder to Step Down

Attorney General Eric Holder is planning on stepping down, but he will not leave the Department of Justice until his successor is approved by the Senate. NPR News broke the news this morning and it was officially confirmed this afternoon when President Obama and Attorney General Holder came out for remarks. Their combined remarks only lasted a few minutes, but President Obama thanked Holder and then Holder got the opportunity to thank the President, Vice President, and his family, especially his parents. Attorney General Holder is one of the last remaining original Cabinet members, alongside Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. Holder, who helped select then-Senator Joe Biden as then-Senator Obama’s running mate, grew close to the President throughout their time together. The President would often privately agree with the Attorney General’s public comments on race and President Obama would defend Holder from his many critics. Holder was censured by the House of Representatives due to the Fast and Furious scandal, although that was overshadowed by the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold Obamacare that same day. Under Holder’s watch, the Civil Rights Division was reinvigorated and there was more of a willingness to tackle issues than under previous Attorney Generals. However, this approach led to criticism from some conservatives, with some comparing him to the Black Panther Party.

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