Joe Biden Returns to Twitter

Vice President Joe Biden has returned to Twitter. The @JoeBiden account has resumed tweeting this morning, the first time since January of 2013. The account is more of a political outreach account and is run by the DNC. The account was previously run by the Obama 2o12 campaign. As the account went dormant, the White House turned to @VP for official updates from the Vice President. However, some tweets from @JoeBiden are signed -Joe, which indicates that the Vice President wrote, or more likely approved or dictated, the tweet. The tweet sent out this morning was signed in this manner. The first tweet highlighted that the account was returning to active use and referenced the 2014 midterm elections. Democrats are turning to the Obama 2012 campaign infrastructure as they look to ramp up voter turnout. The second, and most recent, tweet highlighted the Democrat’s new Voter Expansion Project.

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