Changes in President Obama’s Natl. Security Team


A White House press conference today with the President announced that Tom Donilon would be resigning as National Security Advisor. Taking over for him will be United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice. Replacing Rice will be Samantha Power, who has advised the President on human rights. The switching is largely seen as a rebuttal to Republicans and a reward for Susan Rice, all related to Benghazi. President Obama had wanted to appoint Susan Rice as Hillary Clinton’s successor at the State Department. However, Republicans brought up the incorrect talking points she used on the Sunday public affairs shows after the attack. They claimed that the botched talking points were an attempt by the White House to mislead the public on the attack and to help the President’s re-election campaign. With the Republicans sure to make a Rice confirmation difficult and also bring attention away from the President’s policy, Susan Rice withdrew her name from consideration. The move reportedly won her points and praise from within the White House. Now, the President is rewarding Susan Rice with the prestigious and high level position of National Security Advisor. The move is also going against Republicans because the position does not require Senate confirmation.

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