Steven Spielberg “Announces” New Film, Obama

whcdLast night was the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, where journalists, politicians, and the media come together and, in many cases, get laughed at by the President and a comedian headliner. This year’s headliner was Conan O’Brien, the former Late Night and Tonight Show host who now hosts a show on TBS, Conan. Before the headliner, the President comes up and tells some jokes of his own. President Obama over the past few years has shown a fondness for using video to make jokes. This year, he announced that Steven Spielberg, inspired by the success of the film, Lincoln, is making a new movie, Obama. The film has Daniel Day Lewis portraying the President and Tracy Morgan playing Vice President Biden. President Obama appeared as Day Lewis, who they said was a method actor. Later on, Conan O’Brien also announced a new film about Washington politics, this time having the Vice President portrayed by Bob Barker.

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