Obama Losing Popularity Vote

Every year TIME has the Person of the Year, but they also let people vote on who they feel should be the Person of the Year. It is unclear how much the choice is weighed, but some years it matches, other years it is off. This year the choices include Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, North Korea leader Kim Jong Un, and President Obama. One would think that in President’s Obama’s re-election year, he would be doing good. However, President Obama is in 18th place, right after Psy. The top person by yeses is Kim Jong Un, with over three million votes. He is also the only person over one million votes. TIME ranks the people based off of their “Definitely” ‘s. A more accurate way would be to take the yeses and the nays and to calculate the percentage. For example, Kim Jong Un is also in fourth place for the most “No Way” ‘s. In second place is late night satiric news anchor Jon Stewart, and not far behind is Stephen Colbert. While Kim Jong Un may win the popular vote, just like in the presidential election, it doesn’t matter. President Obama is widely expected to be the Person of the Year. The slot traditionally goes to the President-elect, or returning incumbent.

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