President Obama Announces Change of Immigration Policy

Today, Secretary Neopalitano had a press conference announcing the policy change. Now the bottom line the policy says that children of undocumented immigrants can stay in the U.S. if, they meet the following criteria.
1. They came to the U.S. under the age of 16.
2. Have lived in the U.S. for at least 5 years.
3. Are in school, finished high school or their GED, or are in or have been honorably discharged from the military.
4. Cannot have been convicted, or be a threat to the nation
5. Must be under the age of 30.
Later the President came out to the Rose Garden to speak about the policy change. He said, and I quote “They are Americans in every way but on Paper.” During the press conference, the President was heckled by a reporter. The Daily Caller’s Neil Munro, yelled a question at the President while he was still speaking. Munro later said he mistimed his asking. Response to this has been overwhelmingly negative, except of Neil Munro’s bosses. Even Fox News, who aren’t always BFFs with the President, hammered Neil Munro. President Obama for the record when he was done with the press conference, responded to Neil Munro’s question, and when Neil Munro started protesting, the President got in to a little bit of a verbal fight. But the President pretty much had the upper hand. Now, in politics, as always the opposition always has a response, and we try to present it to you. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, said President Obama chose Politics over leadership and is avoiding the hard work of passing the bill. The Dream Act, which has been championed by Democrats, is stuck in Congress, and Marco Rubio is creating a Republican-version of the Dream Act. Many are saying the Republicans gave the President the upper-hand on this, by avoiding the issue, and pushing the President. The President has been leading the Latino vote, but definitely has room to improve.

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