Two Days of Bipartisanship?

In two days, two bills have become law, and due to the political make-up of Congress, bipartisanship is required to pass any law. But these past two days had signing ceremonies, with Democrats and Republicans both joining President Obama. The two bills, now law, are the STOCK Act and the JOBS Act. Both laws deal with money, but in completely different ways. The STOCK Act bans insider trading by members of Congress, this came after a 60 Minutes report accusing several members of Congress of insider trading. The JOBS Act eases many restrictions on start-ups going public and getting capital. However, critics charge that the law can give the way to more scam investments. While bill signings are not a rarity, having Republicans at them are. Although, Democrats are sometimes cut out too. When President Obama signed the payroll tax extension, he was alone in the Oval Office. Having Republicans omitted may have been hurting them, Republicans favorability has fallen as Democrats favorability has stayed the same. President Obama may be including Republicans now so he can campaign on having bipartisanship in Washington.

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