Sitting There

When We The People was launched, the idea was new and noble. The idea of petitioning your government, allowing your voice to be heard. But to many users, that is not true. Many users, over 34,000, have signed a petition asking the Obama Administration to take the petitions seriously. That petition has been sitting in the We The People open petition category since October. The petition has met the threshold, but has not gotten a response. There is one petition, asking industrial hemp to allowed to grow again domestically, was started in September. What makes these petitions similar and united is that they reach the threshold for review, but they sit there. Gathering dust, and in some cases, signatures. But, the grass is not always greener. There have been petitions that have a title of “Why We Can’t Comment.” Petitions that do get a comment, however, are usually a repetition of previously stated positions of the President. We The People made some people think that they could have an impact on the legislative process, but instead they are told what President Obama believes on each topic.

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Tyler is the chief media reporter for TKNN, with the news organization since its founding in November of 2010. He has previously served as chief political reporter and chief political anchor for TKNN.

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