Gary Johnson Publicly Pleads for Inclusion

Libertarian presidential nominee and former governor Gary Johnson took out a full page ad in the New York Times publicly asking the Commission on Presidential Debates to be included in the first presidential debate.

While Johnson has surpassed the 15% benchmark in several states, he has yet to hit it nationally, as required by the CPD, in any of the five polls being used the Commission. With the first invite less than two weeks away, Johnson and his running mate, former governor Bill Weld, seem unlikely to make the first debates.

The ad works as an open letter to the Commission, but carries the headline, “62% OF VOTERS POLLED WANT GOV. GARY JOHNSON INCLUDED IN THE DEBATES.” The headline references a Quinnipiac poll.

The advertisement comes a day after the campaign announced it will be on the ballot on all fifty states and the District of Columbia.

The ad closes with a deal for the Commission, “Allow us to make our case to the American people.”

“If, in the polls that follow, we fail to meet the 15% standard, we’ll make no further efforts for inclusion in subsequent debates.”

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