Gary Johnson Wins Libertarian Party Nomination

Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld won the Libertarian Party’s presidential and vice presidential nominations, respectively, on Sunday. The brokered convention came as the party seeks a bigger role in the national political debate. Johnson and Weld ran on the platform of being electable and spreading the Libertarian message as two former Governors. The goal for the party is to win over the Never Trumps and the Never Hillarys.

Johnson and Weld ran together and Johnson said he would consider withdrawing as nominee if Weld did not win as well. Weld had a rocky showing at the vice presidential debate and some of Johnson’s opponents urged delegates to vote against Weld. Libertarians choose the president and vice president nominees seperately, but at the same convention.

Both nominations went to a second ballot. Johnson led the first ballot with 49.5%, but needed 50%. On the second ballot, he won with 56%. Johnson had strong challenges from party activist Austin Peterson and security software developer John McAfee.

Johnson now says that his major focus will be getting included in polls and eventually the presidential debates, which he sees as key to awareness and victory. Johnson has been included in three national polls and got roughly 10%.

Johnson was the Libertarian nominee in 2012. He got a little less than 1% of the vote and had the best performance for a Libertarian presidential nominee.

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