Chris Christie Drops Presidential Bid

State of the RaceGovernor Chris Christie announced on Facebook that he is suspending his presidential campaign. Christie’s campaign brings the number of Republican candidates down to six.

Christie had pinned his hopes on New Hampshire, but made an initial attempt at Iowa. He stacked his Iowa campaign with operatives from Governor Terry Brandstad’s campaigns, but failed to make a dent. He hoped New Hampshire would be more welcoming with his brash style and love of town halls. Christie did have some positive momentum in the state, but it eventually faded.

Christie’s campaign may be remembered for the damage he did to Senator Marco Rubio’s campaign. Christie often focused his fire on the Senator, saying he was inexperienced and the Republican Barack Obama, meaning that he was a first-term Senator with no executive experience. Christie’s latest debate performance derailed Rubio’s post-Iowa momentum as he accused Rubio of just reciting talking points and being devoid of substance. The label stuck as Rubio repeated the same line four times and found himself repeating lines at a campaign rally. Rubio’s poll numbers collapsed in New Hampshire and he finished fifth.

Some commentators have deemed Chrstie’s performance a “murder-suicide” as it brought down both the Governor and the Senator.

Christie was unable to find a position in the Republican field. His defining characteristics were his brash style and executive experience. Several governors ran and Donald Trump caught fire as the candidate willing to speak uncomfortable truths.

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