Carly Fiorina Suspends Presidential Bid

road to the white houseBusinesswoman Carly Fiorina has suspended her presidential campaign following a disappointing finish in New Hampshire, a state where she finished second to last among the major Republican candidates. She garnered 4% of the vote, less than double Dr. Ben Carson’s vote share. Dr. Carson did not actively focus on New Hampshire.

“I’ve said throughout this campaign that I will not sit down and be quiet. I’m not going to start now,” she said in a statement posted to Facebook.

Fiorina, however, had focused on New Hampshire. She struggled to differentiate herself from other candidates. She was politically moderate and a businessperson and those identities were also used by more successful candidates, like Governor John Kasich (second place) and Donald Trump (first place).

Fiorina did find some success in the debates though. She shined in the first undercard debate and soared in the polls. However, her numbers soon dipped. She was able to get another boost from the next debate, but that too evaporated. Finally, she stopped getting post-debate bumps and she eventually was re-relegated to the undercard debate and did not qualify for the last debate on ABC. ABC held only one primetime debate with no undercard section and Fiorina was the only to not qualify.

Fiorina was the only woman in the Republican field and she turned that into a talking point on the campaign as she said that liberals were waging a War on Women. She also argued that she would be the strongest general election candidate as she could neutralize any Clinton advantage with women.

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