Poll: Donald Trump Holds Wide Lead in New Hampshire

pollingNew Hampshire has long been a stronghold for Donald Trump and the state continues to have a rosy outlook for the GOP frontrunner. The latest poll from CNN/WMUR shows Trump in the lead with the support of 34% of Republicans in the state. Twenty percentage points behind is Senator Ted Cruz, in second with 14%. Floridian rivals Senator Marco Rubio and former Governor Jeb Bush are tied for third with 10%. Bush has been focusing on New Hampshire to revitalize his floundering presidential bid. He has been criss-crossing the state with numerous events to raise his standing in the polls. New Hampshire is much more friendly territory for the Governor than Iowa, which is largely dominated by evangelicals and social conservatives.

Governors Chris Christie and John Kasich and Senator Rand Paul are tied for fifth at six percent. Kasich and Christie have also focused their time in the state. This poll is an outlier regarding Kasich’s performance as recent polls have showed him both in double-digits for support and also in second place.

National security and the economy are the two highest priorities for Granite State Republicans. On both of those issues, Trump is seen as the best to handle them. On the economy, Trump is seen as the best by 48% of voters. This is a forty-one point advantage over his closest competitors, Cruz, Bush, and Kasich, who have 7%.

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