Governor Terry Branstad: Anyone But Cruz

road to the white house 2016Governor Terry Branstad (R-IA) broke with tradition on Tuesday and waded into the Republican primary. Iowa Governors, due to the state’s large importance in the nomination process, typically remain neutral. However, Branstad called for Senator Ted Cruz’s defeat at the Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit.

When asked whether Cruz should be defeated, Branstad answered simply, “Yes.”

Branstad is targeting Cruz over the presidential candidate’s stance on ethanol subsidies. Cruz is opposing in general to tax breaks and subsidies for renewable energy. Branstad labeled Cruz a “big oil” candidate.

Attacking Cruz on the issue is a family affair for the Branstads. The Governor’s son, Eric, works for America’s Renewable Future and that group has targeted the Senator over his ethanol subsidies stance.

Branstad told CNN afterwards, “I don’t think that Ted Cruz is the right one for Iowans to support in the caucus.”

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