New CNN Poll Solidifies Post-Debate Dynamics

In the first national post-debate poll, businessman Donald Trump continues to lead Republicans. However, his support is down eight percentage points from the last CNN poll. Businesswoman Carly Fiorina, however, has soared to second place after a widely praised debate performance on Wednesday night. Trump garners 24% of the vote to Fiorina’s 15%. That is up twelve percentage points since the last CNN poll earlier this month. In third place is Dr. Ben Carson with 14%. This is down five percentage points. Before the debate, Carson had been on the rise and was coming near Trump levels. It appears as if the debate and Fiorina’s performance may be stunting his growth.

Senator Marco Rubio (FL) rose eight percentage points to 11% and fourth place. Senator Rubio was also found to be the second-most well liked candidate. Only Dr. Carson is more liked.

No other candidates hit double-digits.

Former Governor Jeb Bush (FL) sits at nine percent. The former frontrunner seems to have stabilized at this position.

Eleven Republicans rate at or above one percent. Five candidates failed to reach half a percentage point.

The most shocking number belonged to Governor Scott Walker (WI), who was one of the five under 0.5%. Governor Walker was at one time a leader in the polls nationally and in Iowa, but his numbers have been on a steady decline since the first debate. Before the debate, he was hovering around 3%. If he continues at this level, he will most likely be included in the undercard debate, if CNBC sets up their debate in that manner. He will have gone from the middle of the primetime debate to the bottom of the undercard.

Senator Lindsey Graham has not experienced a bump from his strong showing in CNN’s undercard debate. He was widely seen as the winner and Fiorina received a healthy bump after her performance in Fox News’s JV debate.

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