Donald Trump Holds Wide Lead Over Bush in New Hampshire, Kasich Surges to Third 1

pollingA new poll from Monmouth University shows real estate mogul Donald Trump in first place with a wide margin over former Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL). Trump leads Bush, 24% to 12%, and the two candidates are the only ones registering in the double-digits. The results are similar to a recent poll from NBC/Marist, where Trump had 21% to Bush’s 14%.

Surging to third place is Governor John Kasich, who joined the race a week ago. Kasich registered with 7%, the same as the NBC/Marist poll. In the Monmouth poll, he is tied for third with Governor Scott Walker (R-WI). In the NBC/Marist poll, Walker was third with 12%. Kasich has focused his campaign on the Granite State.

The poll was conducted completely after Trump’s McCain comments. It is yet another poll that shows that the controversial remarks have not hindered his campaign and he may have grown in spite of them.

The poll asked likely voters and also included registered independents. New Hampshire has an open primary, meaning that members of other parties and independents can vote in the Democratic or Republican primaries. With independents, Trump has 29% support compared to 21% with registered Republicans.

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