Donald Trump to File Financial Papers with FEC by Thursday

road to the white houseIn a speech today, real estate mogul Donald Trump pledged to file his financial documents with the FEC by Thursday. The financial documents are the only remaining documents for Trump to file and they show a more detailed assessment of the candidate’s worth. Some had wondered whether Trump would file, instead using the two extensions to run for several months and then drop out without anyone knowing exact details of his financials.

Fox News has recently clarified that all documents required by the FEC need to be filed by the time of their debate on August 6, in order to qualify. Some viewed that clarification as a last-ditch attempt at keeping Trump out of the debate. Trump’s candidates, especially those pertaining to undocumented immigrants, have caused worry within the party that he could jeopardize their outreach to the Hispanic community. Meanwhile, national polls have ranked Trump either first or second recently, close to former Governor Jeb Bush (FL).

Trump spoke in both Las Vegas and Phoenix, Arizona Saturday. In Vegas, he spoke to a grouping of libertarians at FreedomFest. Then, he traveled to Phoenix and spoke to an arena of supporters. Controversial sheriff Joe Arpaio also spoke there and brought up the birthed issue that defined Trump’s political life several years ago.

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