Scott Walker Announces Presidential Run

road to the white houseGovernor Scott Walker (R-WI) has announced that he will run for President. Previously, Walker had started an exploratory committee, but was widely expected to make the jump. Walker will make the formal announcement on Monday, but his campaign jumped the gun and broke the news on Twitter. They also shared the campaign logo and confirmed that Michael Grebe will be the campaign chairman by linking to a Weekly Standard article. The Wisconsin Governor had previously stated that he would not announce his presidential plans until he signed a state budget.

Walker is one of the top-tier candidates. He is currently leading the polls in Iowa and one of the top nationwide. However, Walker’s strength has been on the decline as more candidates announce a presidential run and Donald Trump rose in the polls. Walker has led some polls in the past and he is one of the last major candidates to announce a presidential run.

Walker’s main support groups are social conservatives and conservative activists, including the Tea Party. The social conservative support is crucial to his success in Iowa. The governor has painted himself as an everyday American, and especially attempted to appeal to the Midwest. At Senator Joni Ernst’s Roast and Ride, Walker was the only candidate to ride a motorcycle with supporters. Walker is widely disliked by Democrats and big labor based off anti-union policies he implemented. Democrats did mount a recall effort against him, but he was able to win the recall election.

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