Dr. Ben Carson Wins Western Conservative Summit Straw Poll


The Western Conservative Summit held its annual straw poll over the weekend and Dr. Ben Carson won the straw poll for the second year in a row. He won with 224 votes.

Carly Fiorina landed in second place with 201 votes. Behind her was Governor Scott Walker with 192 votes. Senator Ted Cruz was the only candidate with a vote total in the triple-digits. He garnered 100 votes.

Several candidates, including current frontrunner Jeb Bush, had voted in the single digits. George Pataki had zero votes.

The straw poll also included a column asking what Democrat “should succeed Obama.” Former Jim Webb won with eighty-three votes. Nationally among Democrats, Webb struggles and has around one percent.

Hillary Clinton placed second with forty-eight votes, followed closely by Senator Bernie Sanders and his forty-two votes.

Lincoln Chafee, a former Republican himself, placed seventh with sixteen votes.

Senator Webb’s Twitter account tweeted out his victory in the straw poll, leaving out that it was among conservative activists. CNN’s Jake Tapper added that context and linked to Webb’s tweet.



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