Rand Paul for President Campaign Starts Up

road to the white house 2016While Senator Rand Paul is expecting to announce a run for President on April 7, his presidential campaign is gearing up.

The above video was tweeted on Twitter and then promoted. Promoted tweets are the tweet equivalent of an ad. They are shown to people in their timelines, even though they do not follow the tweeter. The video says that there will be an announcement on April 7, but stops short of saying what that announcement will be. However, many of hte clips of the media in the video are of pundits discussing Senator Rand Paul as a presidential candidate. Unsurprisingly, those included talk about how Senator Rand Paul is a “frontrunner” and a strong candidate.

Senator Paul has said that he was looking at running for the Presidency or re-election in the Senate, or possibly both. Many states have favorite son laws that allow candidates to run for a seperate office in addition to running for President or Vice President, however Kentucky does not have a law allowing this. Senator Paul and his team have come out against the Kentucky law and have argued it may be unconstitutional. There were efforts to change the state law, but those stalled due to Democratic control of the state legislature.

While the video is vague on Senator Paul’s announcement, his website is not. RandPaul.Com, which is linked to with the video, has been updated with a simple landing page. The landing page does include the mandatory FEC disclaimer and it is there that Senator Paul’s intentions are revealed. The disclaimer says that the website is paid for by the Rand Paul Victory Committee. The committee is a joint fundraising effort by RAND PAC, Rand Paul for US Senate 2016, and Rand Paul for President. The two committees would seem to indicate that Senator Paul plans on running for both the Senate and Presidency. However, it could just be that this is a way for Senator Paul to more easily raise money. RAND PAC is a leadership PAC and RAND stands for Reinventing A New Direction.

The FEC does have a record now for Senator Paul running for President. However, several searches on the FEC website for the Rand Paul for President group proved unsuccessful. The PAC and the Senate committee both had Kevin Broghamer listed as Treasurer. Google searches indicate that Broghamer is a political consultant with his own firm. He went to the University of Kentucky.

TKNN reached out to the Paul Senate campaign late Sunday night for comment or confirmation of the Senator’s plans. We have not heard back, but we will update the post accordingly if we do. The Senate campaign was contacted due to there being no contact forms or information on RandPaul.Com.

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