PCCC Announces Franken Endorsement

election center newThe Progressive Change Campaign Committee announced today that they are endorsing Sen. Al Franken (D-MI) in his re-election bid. While Franken just barely won his Senate seat in 2008 with a court case that went all the way into 2009, he is leading his Republican opponent, businessman Mike McFadden. While Franken’s lead has tightened, he is still leading McFadden by nearly ten percentage points.

Franken, who was previously a radio host and a writer on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, has largely stayed out of the public eye while in office. He has been making media appearances this year as he has been vocal in the fight against a Comcast-TWC merger. This press strategy, which can be seen as a traditional approach for Senate freshmen, has led to criticism from McFadden. McFadden, in an interview with the Daily Caller, said that Franken “has been invisible as a Senator.”

As part of the PCCC’s endorsement, a fundraising email will be sent to members in Minnesota and around the nation. In addition, PCCC co-founder Adam Green released this statement, “Senator Franken is one of Elizabeth Warren’s top allies in the Senate — and a bold voice on overturning Citizens United, reforming Wall Street, protecting Net Neutrality, and making big corporations and millionaires pay their fair share. If we lose in Minnesota, Republicans will take over the Senate. Today, we officially endorse Al Franken for re-election.”

This is not the first sitting Senator that the PCCC has endorsed. As TKNN reported, the PCCC endorsed Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) in his tight primary race and led a last-minute effort for him.

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