Scotland Votes “No” on Independence from the United Kingdom

IMG_0048.JPGWith turnout of 84.6%, Scottish voters decided to say with the United Kingdom, 55% to 45%. However while they may be staying, there will still be great change coming to Scotland. As part of a last-ditch attempt to encourage “No” votes, Prime Minister David Cameron announced a series of promises that would give Scotland more anatomy and control over its own affairs. Matters regarding the economy have been reserved for debate in the main Parlament, but Cameron is seemingly indicating that policy could also be debated by and voted on by Scots.

The Scottish independence vote appears to be leading to further devolution. Devolution is when a power or ability is delegated from the federal level to a lower level. In the United Kingdom, this often references the main Parliament delegating to a sub-section, such as Scotland or Northern Ireland.

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