Thom Tillis Clears Primary, Avoids Runoff


With 100% of the results in, state House Speaker Thom Tillis not only who the primary, but also avoided a runoff. In North Carolina, 40% is the threshold for runoffs. Many analysts had expected Tillis to win, but still have a runoff. Tillis was the establishment candidate in the race and he was able to beat Tea Party-backed candidates.

Tillis will now move onto the general election and take on Democrat Sen. Kay Hagan. Hagan is seen as one of the most vulnerable incumbents and national Republicans have made North Carolina one of their top priorities. Although many have seen Tillis as the strongest candidate, polls indicated that he may not be. The Real Clear Politics Average of Hagan match-ups against Tillis, Greg Brannon, and Mark Harris showed Hagan leading only Tillis. All three races are competitive, but Harris and Brannon led Hagan.

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