Alisyn Camerota Teases Announcement, Is She Headed to CNN? [UPDATED]


When Allisyn Camerota announced that she was leaving Fox News, many thought that she would land at CNN. FTVLive later reported that she was indeed going to CNN and Scott Jones, the man behind FTVLive, was willing to bet money on the site.

Now, Alisyn Camerota tweeted yesterday to stay tuned for a announcement. She said the announcement would come in the morning, but it was not available at press time.

Those who believe she is going to CNN, potentially as a fill-in host for Kate Bolduan on New Day while she is on maternity, again point to Camerota’s Twitter account for proof.


Camerota was responding to a tweet that was rooted in New Day. The CNN Commentary blog posted a list of potential fill-ins for Bolduan. The Fox News fansite, Johnny Dollar, then tweeted out a link to the post. Next, Peter Fack said that CNN should get Camerota as a fill-in. Finally, Camerota responded to Fack, saying that she wasn’t sure who “they” was, but whoever they are, they should hire her.

TKNN will update this post when Camerota makes her announcement

UPDATE: The announcement was Alisyn appearing on Brian Kilmeade’s radio show for his birthday.

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