Longtime Senator Dick Lugar Defeated In Re-Election Bid

Longtime Republican Senator Dick Lugar of Indiana has been defeated in his primary. He was ousted by Tea Party-backed Richard Mourdock. As time went on, more and more endorsed Richard Mourdock and predicted an end to the long Senate career. Polls also showed was getting worse and worse against his opponent. Sen. Lugar was known for his wide knowledge of foreign policy and bipartisan ability. His loss puts his seat in the toss-up column because polls showed Dick Lugar creaming his Democratic opponent, but Richard Mourdock is tied. The 2012 Presidential election makes this race all the more interesting. Senator Lugar was also the longest serving Republican Senator. Senator Lugar can now join an ever-growing list of incumbents who have been defeated. Some were incumbents defeated by incumbents because of redistricting and some were defeated by more left or right, respectively, members of there party.

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