For PA Dems, It’s Personal

As Rick Santorum is surging, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party is looking back at the memories. Rick Santorum, a Pennsylvania, was defeated in 2006 by Bob Casey. Bob Casey is now running for re-election. In 2006, Rick Santorum was defeated by Bob Casey by eighteen percentage points. After Iowa, this was brought up, but as now faded like many other attacks on candidates. In an email sent to supporters, the subject was “Rick Santorum”, Jim Burn, the chair of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, said that Rick had, and still has, a extreme social agenda. He reminded his supporters how they worked together to “soundly” defeat Rick in 2006. The email also brings up the 2012 Senate race. The email isn’t just informative, it’s also a plea. The email also asks for donations to get President Obama and Bob Casey re-elected. The email calls him a “cultural warrior,” and in the words of Mitt Romney, “it’s personal.”

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