Why Mitt Romney Depends On Early Voting

While other candidates have risen and fallen, Mitt Romney stays there. His ratings just stick there. Always in the 22-30 range nationwide. It seemed that almost every candidate got a turn as the conservative’s choice, Mitt Romney never did. That’s how the got the name Anti-Romney. But then early this year, Mitt Romney became the conservative vote, because he showed he could win. However, this was after Iowa and New Hampshire where it seemed sure that Mitt Romney would become the nominee. Now Newt Gingrich is the conservative, and Mitt Romney is stuck at the so close to 30, but still stuck in 20s position. Now those who early voted had a good chance of voting when Mitt Romney seemed unstoppable, so they voted for him. We saw in South Carolina exit polls that Mitt Romney won in early voting, and that’s because he seemed like the only candidate.

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