Is The Tax Issue Holding Mitt Back?

Last week Mitt Romney was expected to win South Carolina. The race was supposed to make Mitt Romney invincible for the nomination. Everything was going to plan, but then the debates started. One thing that came up was Mitt Romney’s taxes. He had said that he would release them in April, but his recent remark saying that he pays 15% brought back the issue. Suddenly April wasn’t good enough. Newt Gingrich, who would later win South Carolina, tried to say that Mitt Romney was hiding something. The tax issue backed Mitt Romney into a corner. His opponents said that Mitt Romney was hiding something. Their argument was that if there is nothing to hide, then why not release them? Mitt Romney maintained that he had nothing to hide, and that he would release the taxes in April. But the voters did not want April, they wanted now. So as Newt Gingrich rose in South Carolina, Mitt Romney was being held back, even getting hit down, by this issue. Now Mitt Romney has said that he will release his 2010 taxes and estimated 2011 tax liability on Tuesday. Now this shows that Mitt Romney has succumbed to pressure and if he’s going to be the nominee, it’s not going to be without a fight. Now it seems that Mitt Romney may be able to push this tax issue behind him, and move forward. But could damage already be done to his campaign?

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