Some Say Romney Tax Returns Worth 1 Million Dollars

The owner of Hustler magazine, Larry Flynt, is offering $1 million dollars for some personal info on Mitt Romney, his tax returns. The magazine is taking out full page ads in the Washington Post and USA Today about the award. This is not the first time Larry Flynt, who is a Democrat, has used his fortune to solve mysteries. He has offered a million dollars for information about the Kennedy assassination.

Hustler magazine is not the only ones to involve a million dollars with Mitt Romney’s tax returns. Earlier this month, a group of hackers said they hacked PricewaterhouseCoopers’s servers, and they got the tax returns, including years before 2010. They want $1 million dollars to prevent the release. Also, if you want the documents revealed, you can pay $1 million. First one to a million wins. But, if by September 28, no one has paid enough, the tax returns will be publicly available to the whole world. Mitt Romney has only released his 2010 returns, and the 2011 estimate.

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