Ann Romney to Speak on Tuesday

Ann Romney, who was originally going to speak on Monday night, will now be speaking on Tuesday. The problem with Monday, was that no one, if they were watching ABC, NBC, or CBS, would see her. So, she’s going to Tuesday, where people will see and hear. Ann Romney is speaking, because her husband, according to the polls, needs help with his likeability, and with women voters. There were reports that she would be switched with Sen. Marco Rubio, who’s introducing Mitt Romney. However, many political pundits said that would be a bad move, since Mitt Romney needs help with Latino voters. But, Sen. Rubio gets a positive shout out, in a release to reporters, the Romney campaign says Sen. Rubio graciously offered his slot to Ann Romney. So, now we have Ann Romney on Tuesday, Sen. Rubio introducing Mitt Romney, and Sen. Rubio gets a acknowledgment from a campaign that decided to go with Rep. Ryan instead of him.

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