Who’s Winning The Social War?

Candidates can’t reach everybody personally, but today’s social media is trying to help as much as it can. Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, helps keep people informed and reach out to new people. The incumbent advantage, where the incumbent has an upper hand due to finances and recognition, seems to apply here to. In the three social networks TKNN looked at, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, both candidates are on, and have a good amount of followers, likes, and pluses. On Google Plus, President Obama has 1,599,612 pluses while Mitt Romney has 713,824 pluses. At the time of writing Twitter was down so TKNN used a Twitter tool, it is updated daily. President Obama had 16,787,094 followers, while Mitt Romney had 568,914 followers. It is important to note that President Obama is #6 on the most followed list, and both candidates have other accounts related to the campaign. First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Biden, the national campaign, the Truth Team, Latinos for Obama, and all the state campaigns for Obama. Ann Romney is also on Twitter. That is also the case for Facebook, except President Obama has some more coalitions on. Mitt Romney has 2,006,443 likes, a reputable amount. However, President Obama blows past that with 27,073,933 likes.

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