So Close…

Until November, the best thing politicos and all you out there have for political guessing are electoral maps of projections. There’s John King and his Magic Map, but that’s only television. The Internet is full of them, and one that TKNN watches is The Huffington Post, and there electoral map is always interesting because of the way they assign states. Now, their current electoral map shows victory is so close, you can only taste it. If you could taste a digital map of red, blue, and yellow. So how close you ask? President Obama is one, yes one, electoral vote from getting re-elected President of the United States. Yes, you heard that correctly, President Obama is one electoral vote away from getting re-elected with more than 130 days until the election.

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Tyler is the chief media reporter for TKNN, with the news organization since its founding in November of 2010. He has previously served as chief political reporter and chief political anchor for TKNN.

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