Newt Gingrich Wins Tea Party Patriots Poll

The Tea Party Patriots have released the results of their two polls, enthusiasm and support.  Current frontrunner and anti-Romney Newt Gingrich won the poll at 31%. Coming in second was Tea Party Caucus founder Michele Bachmann. Mitt Romney came in third, and self-proclaimed tea party founder Ron Paul got 3%. Jon Huntsman got less than 1%, .34%. The Tea Party Patriots also released a enthusiasm poll. Michele Bachmann and Newt Gingrich had the most enthusiastic supporters, the two were also the top two in the support poll. Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman had the most unenthusiastic supporters. Ron Paul is said by others to have the most enthusiastic supporters and have the best organization in Iowa. Iowa’s first-in-the-country caucus is on January 3. In the comments below, tell us what you think about the polls, the Tea Party, and just the Republican contenders in general.

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