Daily Briefing for August 27, 2012

Hello, I’m Tyler and welcome to the Daily Briefing for August 27, 2012. Now today our top stories are:

Republicans have convened their convention.
Sen. Portman will play President Obama in Romney’s debate prep.
Governor Crist will be speaking in Charlotte.
Now it’s time for our Short and Sweet Stories, our top stories condensed.
Today, GOP Chairman Reince Priebus opened the 2012 Republican National Convention. He almost immediately put the convention in recess. but even though they were in recess, they still had benediction and unveiled their debt clock. Convention planners skimmed down the first day of the convention because of Tropical Storm Isaac. Some speakers and events have been cancelled, such as Donald Trump, while the remaining speakers have been asked to shorten their speeches.
Sen. Rob Portman, who was long considered to be Mitt Romney’s potential veep pick, will be playing the role of President Barack Obama in Mitt Romney’s debate prep. Earlier this year, it was announced that Sen. John Kerry would play Mitt Romney in President Obama’s debate prep. Rep. Chris Van Hollen will play Rep. Paul Ryan in Vice President Biden’s debate prep. Sen. Portman has some experience being Barack Obama, he was then-Senator Obama in Sen. John McCain’s debate prep.
Yesterday former Florida Governor Charlie Crist announced they he was endorsing President Obama for re-election. This was interesting because Charlie Crist was a Republican. He is now an Independent, because he switched his party affiliation in his Senate run. He ended up losing to now Senator Marco Rubio. This year, Republicans also have a party switcher at their convention, as former Democrat Artur Davis is speaking. Artur Davis is best known for seconding then-Senator Obama’s nomination in 2008.
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