Speaker Boehner Releases Statement on Cantor Loss

cantor loss.jpgSpeaker Boehner has released a statement on Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s primary loss. As Majority Leader, Cantor was the second-in-command behind Boehner. Cantor also served as a Tea Party liaison for Boehner, he would help convince members to vote for legislation. Many Tea Party congressmen and women, especially initially, had a distrust of Speaker Boehner. Cantor also had started the Young Guns program with Paul Ryan and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy. The program was designed to help out young conservative candidates. His conservative outreach made last night’s loss all the more surprising.

Speaker Boehner’s statement:

“Eric Cantor and I have been through a lot together. He’s a good friend and a great leader, and someone I’ve come to rely upon on a daily basis as we make the tough choices that come with governing. My thoughts are with him and Diana and their kids tonight.”

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